I reckon “nope” is a good word to describe the kind of mood I’m in right now- you know, when you know you should or shouldn’t be doing something but your whole being and all your senses are in denial, in revolt, collectively crossing their arms and saying, “Nope!”

I should be sleeping. It’s almost midnight and I had a massive day yesterday at the hospital getting scans done, a busy day today with other various appointments, and another hospital visit tomorrow to see the oncologist. But, nope! 

At this point everything’s still a bit surreal. I can literally feel this lump in my boob- it’s just sitting right there on the edge, sassy little bastard, flipping the bird at me like it owns me. But I just look back at it in disbelief, like, “Who the fuck do you think you are, Herbert? You don’t own me! In fact, you don’t even pay rent, so get ready to be evicted, prick!”

*gathers composure*

Okay so clearly I’m delirious and need to try and sleep. Hopefully tomorrow will bring a bit more clarity and a plan of attack. I got a life to live & shit to do. 😬😎😠😐


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