What a long day. This was me this afternoon, taking a moment on my parents’ front porch in the sun, trying to process what lies ahead…The doc’s verdict is I need the works- surgery, chemo & radiation. This is good, and the prognosis looks good, but for my private world it means more upheaval for me & the kids, and just when we were starting to really get settled in our new town. It means finding a new house (again), kids changing schools (again), scans, surgery, treatment, money I don’t have, missing work which I already don’t have enough of, bills, new school uniforms, packing/cleaning/moving house (again!), and then some…it’s all a bit much. Good thing it’s one day at a time, sweet Jesus!  

That’s enough for today. Time for some vegging in front of Netflix, and then sleep. 😕😳😴


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